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2724 Sawbury Blvd
Columbus, OH 43235-4579 USA
Tel +1 614 799 0664
Fax +1 614 799 2116

Sensing & Measurement

SRICO offers unique, photonic-based solutions to challenging problems in electrical measurement and RF signal transmission. SRICO’s integrated optic sensors and fiber optic link products transmit electrical data with interference-free, high fidelity. Their ultra-wide bandwidth has the unique capability to sense or measure very low signals or extremely high signals with unparalleled reliability and without damage. SRICO’s unique designs enable high accuracy, reliable measurement, and clear signal transmission even under the most demanding and/or remote conditions.

Our PPLN frequency converters are designed for mid-IR remote sensing applications. Our sensors measure electric field, current, and voltage. Our fiber optic links are used in EMC and EMI measurement.

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